Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nano products go public

Cientifica's report on "the $18 billion pair of pants" from earlier this month about the mass market prospects of nanotech products was still somewhat pessimistic:
"The big spike in nanotech funding happened in 2001 in the US and Japan, and in 2003 in Europe. Given the two to three year lag between funding being granted and a laboratory starting work, plus an average of seven years to get from R&D to a product, it is no surprise that nanotech has yet to deliver on its revolutionary promise."

But early investments seem to begin to pay off with almost half a billion dollars in venture capital investments in nanotech in December 2005 alone (for more information, see cientifica's report). It looks like the public may see the first large-scale commercial launces of nano products soon ... beyond just stain-resistant pants and nano sunscreen.