Friday, February 10, 2006

Global market potential for nano highest in the U.S., Germany and Japan

The "World Nanotechnology Market 2005" report predicted "that nanotechnology would exceed $1,000 billion by end 2010 in the world economy. The increase in demand for nanoscale materials, tools and devices would reach $28.7 billion in as soon as 2008. These would help medical scientists, engineers and other researchers to invent and innovate in the fields of health, IT, communications and consumer goods."

This is an even more optimistic outlook than the one provided in Rashid Bashir's column (see yesterday's posting). The most dominant players globally at this point -- based on the new
World Nanotechnology Market - Investor Guide™ (2006-2010): the U.S., Germany, and Japan ... with China and Taiwan emerging as contenders.