Sunday, May 28, 2006

Magic Non-Nano

It’s official. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung) released findings on Friday that suggest that the health problems caused by Magic Nano (see nano|public posting from April 5, 2006) had nothing to do with and did not contain nanoparticles.

“Immediately after the occurrence of the first cases, BfR set out obtaining the exact formulation of the products from the manufacturers in order to establish the causes of the incidents. An expert meeting with the companies responsible for manufacturing the sprays at BfR on 23 May 2006 revealed that the products do not, in fact, contain any nano particles (particles below a size of 100 nanometres). This was also confirmed by chemical analyses commissioned by BfR from two specialist laboratories. Hence, nano particles are not a potential cause of the health problems experienced by users.”

Kleinmann GmbH, the manufacturer of Magic Nano, also tried to set the record straight on a number of allegations that had been raised by regulatory bodies and media outlets, including the suspicion that Kleinmann had illegally used a TÜV seal of approval (see nano|public posting from April 14, 2006). Bernd Zimmermann, Director of Sales at Kleinmann, gave an in-depth interview to the German trade magazine PBS Report, talking about potential public backlashes and the technical issues involved with the non-nano recall of their product (click here for a PDF version of the interview).

(click here for Kleinmann’s Web pages devoted to Magic Nano).