Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sensatex SmartShirt goes beta

i4u news just blogged on the Sensatex nano SmartShirt for first responders, health monitoring, and athletes:
"Sensatex, a developer of integrated smart textile systems, announced the Beta launch of its SmartShirt System.

The Sensatex SmartShirt enables to remotely monitor a wearer's movement, heart rate, and respiration rate in real-time through a patented nanotechnology conductive fiber grid that is seamlessly knit into the material of the fully washable shirt."

(for the full posting, click here.)

Sensatex describes the technology
on their own web site:

"Sensatex has developed groundbreaking Interconnection Technology that allows sensing, monitoring, and information processing devices to be networked together within a fabric.

The Sensatex fabric was first developed by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Textile and Fiber Engineering under the auspices of the US military's 21st Century Land Warrior Program and the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the R&D arm of the US Department of Defense.

Our technology can be incorporated into any fabric (cotton, lycra, wool, silk, etc.) or blend of fabrics without effecting the look, feel or integrity of the fabric that it is replacing."