Tuesday, June 06, 2006

News Flashback: 1999 Nano World Cup to France

After winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup in their home country, France was awarded the Nano World Cup by German and Italian chemists in 1999 (Of course, France was subsequently eliminated at the group stage in World Cup 2002 in South Korea.):

“The molecular replica is three nanometres high, compared to the real trophy's 36 cm height. It is made from two molecules which the researchers were studying and realised could be put together to mimic soccer's top prize.
A football-shaped molecule called a buckminsterfullerene (or C60) forms the top of the tiny trophy with a bowl-shaped molecule called a calixarene supporting it.”

(click here for the complete article from BBC on February 3, 1999.)

With the kick-off for World Cup 2006 only 4 days away, this seemed like a relevant piece of news to repost on nano|public. The FIFA World Cup is the world’s largest sports event and dwarves events like the the Super Bowl with a cumulative audience of about 30 billion viewers in 2002 and about 20% of the world’s population watching games.