Monday, August 28, 2006

McDonalds wraps burgers in nano

Nanotech|buzz posted this back in July, but it’s only now getting traction on other news wires:
Ecosynthetix has just contracted with an Ohio manufacturer to produce McDonald's "clamshells", the clamshell-shaped cardboard boxes the burgers come in. Ecosynthetix's nanoparticle adhesives will help replace the polyvinyl acetate, PVA, and polyvinyl alcohol, PVOH, used to help laminate graphics onto the cardboard. […]
It'll be interesting to see if there's any backlash when consumers realize their McDonald's burgers are in contact with nanoparticles. There's no indication of any harmful effects from this, but as the Magic Nano recall showed, we're not always rational when it comes to new additives in (or in contact with) our foods.”