Friday, January 26, 2007

Magic Nano goes "Finy"

Kleinmann GmbH, the people who brought you Magic Nano, now sell Finy, a new nano-based cleaner/sealant:
"The future of protection against dirt! Welcome to the world of finy!

You'll be amazed by the endless new uses for nano technology and the unbeatable advantages when used at home:

* Seal once for effortless cleaning
* Chemical cleaning agents are no longer required
* Clean with clean water only
* Products are food-safe and fragrance-free"

Interestingly enough, the new Finy product line bears a striking resemblance to the now infamous Magic Nano packaging. Magic Nano, of course, was linked to a health scare back in 2006 when over 100 people complained about severe respiratory problems after using Magic Nano aerosol cans in their homes (see nanopublic post from April 5, 2006). It therefore comes as no surprise that Finy is sold as a pump spray.

Also, click here for a promotional movie from Kleinmann GmbH (only available in German, unfortunately):