Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update: World's first nano safety label (CENARIOS)

The U.S. press is just now picking up on the story that ran about a week ago in Europe (see nanopublic posting from March 3, 2007).
8/03/2007 - A Swiss firm is offering the first process risk management and safety certification for pharma companies working with nanoparticles and technologies.

At least two pharma companies are already in talks with The Innovation Society, which has developed the Cenarios system (Certifiable Nanospecific Risk management and Monitoring System) that collates risk related information from scientific, regulatory, technological and market sources to generate a database of material to be applied to specific products and processes using nanotechnology.

There is currently no nanospecific regulatory framework in existence, so this new certification system aims to provide a level of safety and compliance in the rapidly growing but still somewhat unknown field of nanotechnology.

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