Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nano in your neighborood

The Project on Emerging Nanotechnology just released a new report on Mapping the New U.S. NanoMetro Economy. The top 4 nanotechnology states are California, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas (each with over 50 entries). Three of the leading “Nano Metro” centers—San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland—are in California, the state emerging as the domestic frontrunner in nanotechnology competition. The other two—Boston and Middlesex-Essex—are in Massachusetts.

Data for the maps came from's online directory of nanotech companies; the 2007 SmallTimes Business Directory; an April 2007 Chemical & Engineering News cover story on "Building up nanotech research;" and additional research related to the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies's Consumer Product Inventory.

Sadly enough, of course, Wisconsin does not appear at the top of any of the lists in the report. Here are the links to the full report and details on the data collection.