Thursday, July 05, 2007

Need nano bling?

Now there's nano Bling™. And it's an environmentally safe bio-cleaner. At least according to the Australian manufacturer's web site. And the marketing strategy surrounding nano Bling™ is just one more example of the "nano is nature" frame that most nano businesses in Europe and Asia seem to be relying on as they target markets that often approach new technologies very cautiously.

And as I have argued before, nano businesses -- at least in Europe -- don't just have to deal with concerns about nanotechnology itself, but also with people's lingering concerns about the chemical spills of the 1980s and 1990s, about nuclear energy and fallout from Chernobyl, and about the debates surrounding ag biotech.

Along those lines, the Bling™ marketing materials are all about protecting the environment and natural resources, with little emphasis on the nano science behind it:
"Glass Bling™ instantly repels water, Ice , Oil, Dirt And Bugs anything that come into contact your windsreen or glass/tiled surface. The surface is protected and water will bead and run off on impact! It’s easier to keep your windscreen clean, driving becomes safer, because visibility is significantly improved. You will love it!
Bling™ your ride today!

* Environment
* Water
* Your time
* Your Money
You need Bling™ in your life!"

On a side note, this news item came from Green Technology Forum (GTF) where former blogger George Elvin writes on business-related news about nanotech and biotech:
"Green Technology Forum is a research and advising firm focusing on nanotechnology and biotechnology for growing green businesses. By helping businesspeople understand the benefits and challenges of these revolutionary technologies, we help them develop strategies, products and services that benefit their customers, the environment, and their bottom line."