Thursday, October 04, 2007

Nano silver washing machines again ... on the sense and nonsense of unilateral nano regulations

India's Hindu Times this week reported that Samsung will begin to sell their SilverCare washing machines in India. Samsung's washing machines and other products containing nano-sized silver particles, of course, have been the object of much debate in the U.S. recently and fall under FIFRA reporting requirements (see nanopublic posts from June 6, 2006 and November 23, 2006). As nano products begin to flood international markets, the limited usefulness of attempts to regulate nano applications at the domestic level, of course, becomes painfully obvious.

Samsung launches a new range of washing machines
New Delhi, Oct. 4 (PTI): Ahead of the festive season, Korean consumer durable maker Samsung today introduced a new range of semi-automatic washing machines in India. [...]

With over 10 million dollar invested in R&D, Silver Nano is the first technology that combines the disinfectant and antibiotic properties of electrolytic silver nano-particles (Ag+) in washing machines to remove harmful bacteria, the statement added.

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