Saturday, December 01, 2007

2007 Faculty Productivity Rankings -- Wisconsin #15, Mass Comm #4

The recent Academics Analytics / Chronicle of Higher Education Faculty Productivity Rankings have Wisconsin at #15 in the nation, ahead of Cornell, NYU, Brown, and the University of Chicago in terms of overall faculty productivity. Wisconsin is also ranked #4 in mass communication again, and one of only two programs that held their top-5 ranking in mass communication since last year.

All rankings are based on Academic Analytics' Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index™ (FSP Index)
[FSP] is a method for evaluating doctoral programs at Research Universities (across all Carnegie research classifications), based on a set of statistical algorithms developed by Lawrence Martin, Ph.D. and Anthony Olejniczak, Ph.D.. The FSP Index measures the annual productivity of faculty on several factors including:
  • Publications (books and journal articles)
  • Citations of journal publications
  • Federal Research Funding
  • Awards and Honors
Click here for the Chronicle's recent overview article on productivity rankings and some of the criticisms that have been raised about Academic Analytics's data sources and analyses.