Saturday, February 28, 2009

Framing nano?

The Swiss think tank Die Innovationsgesellschaft just released their "Framing Nano" report, that tries to summarize and -- more importantly -- provide some direction for the global policy debates about nano. Efforts like these are particularly relevant as we're beginning to get a better data-driven understanding of the global and cultural dynamics that shape public support for nanotechnology.

From the report:
"The second goal is to shape the debate. The analysis of the information collected permits understanding of how communication and cooperation on these themes takes place, which are the main or the most evident gaps, needs, points of agreement and disagreement, critical factors in the current knowledge and regulation framework of nanotechnology, and what is the position of the interested stakeholders.

The third goal is to foster the debate on regulation and governance of nanotechnology, as the report is intended to be a working document giving a comprehensive picture of the overall situation. Documents on this subject are published on a continuous basis, giving ever new inputs to the debate. With the aim of acting as a funnel for this information, the project plan foresees collecting and integrating it into the report throughout the project lifetime, and to use it in the development of the final Governance Plan."

(Click here for the full report.)