Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unitizing journalism 2.0: The "nanostory"

Apparently, the traditional news story is dead, and journalism 2.0 comes with its very own unit of categorizing news: the nanostory -- at least, according to Bill Wasik's new book And then there's this.
"I introduce the idea of the "nanostory," which I see as the basic unit of new-media culture. Basically a nanostory is an intense media narrative about what's happening at the moment. For example, here are some examples of nanostories from last week:
* Bill Clinton's intervention to save two US journalists in North Korea
* The right-wing mobs at Democratic town-hall meetings on health care
* Nancy Pelosi's comment about "swastikas" on protesters' signs
* Sarah Palin's claim that a "death panel" might decide to euthanize Trig
* The Obama Administration's health care logo
* The "Obama as Joker" posters
* Thursday's Twitter outage
* The death of John Hughes"
Journalism 1.0, of course, called this a "news wave," but that was before the millisecond Twitter news cycle.

(More at TMPCafe.)