Sunday, December 06, 2009

BUND wants ban of nanosilver in everyday applications

Germany's Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz (BUND) -- a subsidiary of Friends of the Earth -- last week called for a ban of all consumer products containing silver nanoparticles in particular, and for labeling all products made from some form of nanomaterials more generally. Currently, there are over 300 nano-based products available to end-consumers in Germany, and the German equivalent of the EPA -- the Umweltbundesamt -- recently issued a blanked consumer warning against nanotech-based products (see nanopublic post from October 21, 2009).

Says Wilfried Kühling, chair of BUND's economic advisory committee:
"Die Käufer von Nano-Produkten im Unklaren zu lassen verstößt gegen elementare Regeln des Verbraucherschutzes und gefährdet die Umwelt." ["Leaving consumers of nano products uninformed violates very basic rules of consumer protection and endangers the nevironment."]
See here for a PDF version of BUND's full nanosilver report, and here for some of their other position papers on nanotechnology.